Press Release: Prince Ali Al Hussein, FIFA presidential candidate, announces plans to create a FIFA Oversight Group

February 18, 2016
Press Release

Prince Ali Al Hussein, FIFA presidential candidate, announces plans to create a FIFA Oversight Group

Prince Ali Al Hussein today announces plans to create an independent oversight group – FIFA Oversight Group – of highly prominent individuals who are renowned for their integrity, knowledge of governance, diplomacy and sport. The Group will be led by Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General, to help steer FIFA through its first year to recover from crisis and to support the future reform process.

If elected, Prince Ali will immediately set up the select FIFA Oversight Group as part of his vision to bring football’s governance into the 21st century. The precise scope of work for the Group is likely to evolve over time. However, initially it will assist in devising the best ways to bring about meaningful reforms and a positive cultural change at FIFA.

Prince Ali’s proposal has been discussed with the following individuals, all of whom think that the oversight group should be part of FIFA’s reform:

Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General
Ernesto Zedillo, the former president of Mexico
Catherine Bertini, formerly executive director of the World Food Programme
Rick Parry, formerly chief executive of the Premier League and of Liverpool FC
Prince Ali said: “The FIFA Oversight Group will serve as the safest possible pair of hands to put FIFA back on track.

“It is an essential element to revive FIFA’s reputation and restore it to what it should be – a service organisation for football.

“I believe that this group will be able to provide a truly interactive and participatory process for the FA’s and give them the ownership and the chance to work with the fairest and most distinguished people the world has to offer.

“The group will guide the Presidency just as it will guide the FA’s of FIFA. Having the commitment of a group of people with such impeccable credentials, unquestioned integrity and global standing represents an unprecedented response to the unprecedented crisis sweeping FIFA.”

The announcement follows the release of Prince Ali’s first-year in office plan at a press conference in Geneva last week.

Further details on the FIFA Oversight Group:

Rationale and Mission

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is facing an unprecedented crisis that demands an unprecedented response. There is a strong and growing consensus that the corruption-plagued governing body for international football is incapable of internal reform. Independent governance experts, academics, government authorities, as well as players, fans and officials within FIFA itself have all called for independent oversight of the reform process. Prince Ali is the only FIFA presidential candidate who has embraced this proposal. His goal is to establish a small, select group of highly prominent individuals with impeccable credentials, unquestioned integrity and global credibility to help revive a struggling 112-year-old organisation that oversees the world’s most popular sport. The FIFA Oversight Group would serve as a safe pair of hands to help put FIFA back on track.

Remit and Resources

The FIFA Oversight Group will operate with the full backing of the President and be accountable to FIFA Congress.
It will be supported by sufficient resources to meet its obligations.
Members will be fairly compensated for their work and will be expected to comply with the FIFA Code of Ethics.
The FIFA Oversight Group will also have significant input into the selection of independent auditors and other professional partners to assist the group’s efforts.

Scope of work

The group’s immediate tasks will focus on governance issues, with the goal of stabilising an organization in crisis:

Overseeing a deep dive into FIFA’s finances and contractual arrangements, with the help of independent auditors, forensic accountants and other professional consultants as needed;
Offering advice on improvements to FIFA’s governance structures and processes, including the creation of new independent Integrity Unit;
Review management structures and procedures.
Over the longer term, the FIFA Oversight Group will focus on issues more closely related to football:

Improving FIFA’s development efforts, with the goal of providing more financial resources and more effective support for youth programmes, women’s football and other deserving projects around the world. Prince Ali has pledged to make the development of football worldwide a top priority, especially in emerging football nations;
Strengthening FIFA’s financial foundation — not for FIFA’s benefit, but for the benefit of football, from elite sport to the grassroots level;
Advising on important aspects of the game, including the possible expansion of the World Cup, combatting racism, protecting players from exploitation and defending the integrity of the competition.

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